Allama With A Backpack

As a writer and a travel enthusiast, it seemed only fitting that I join the new wave of wannabe “travel bloggers” and create my own blog. In my research, I’ve noticed there are many travel blogs dedicated to various themes:

  • mindfulness and spirituality
  • travel photography
  • hiking and trekking
  • beautiful places, with beautiful cultures, with beautiful things and everything is just so beautiful!

I’m not in any way, shape or form qualified to discuss being “mindful”.The most spiritual I get is sitting with an icy beer while watching a sunset – and believe me… I get a LOT of clarity from that.

I’m certainly not a travel photographer. I’m not even one of those “pretend” travel photographers – the ones that walk around with a lens the size of their arm and only use it to take pictures of their Vietnamese pork bun so they can upload it to Instagram with 20 filters. I have a Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoot with a Leica lens, that’s about as fancy as I get.

And while I do love beautiful places and beautiful things, I don’t need to rub it in your face that that’s what I’m doing, while you’re all sitting at work procrastinating until that 10am meeting.

What you’ll find in this blog is one thing: the truth.

If a place is post-card perfect, I will tell you. But if a place is riddled with touts and pollution, I won’t hold back. That is what I love about travelling, and precisely why I travel – because travelling can be a challenge. And when you break out of your comfort zone, that’s where true growth happens.

I will tell of my experiences in a way that will make you relive them. I will relay events with all the gory details. I will write about the little things, the things that seem insignificant at the time, but actually tell you a lot about the reality of a place – the bad, the bold, and the beautiful.




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